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You Are Your Own Spiritual Teacher

Humanity is moving into the Crystalline Era of Clarity. What this means is that everything is changing, and very rapidly. The Earth, as well as our own bodies and minds, are adapting to the next phase of Spiritual Evolution. Whether you choose to participate or not is irrelevant, because it is a process that involves everyone. Eventually you must experience the transition and transformation of life moving towards a Higher Dimensional consciousness. Read more ›

We All Do the Best We Can

With what we have to work with…at the time.

My Mother Always Said…

If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything.

Letting Go of Old Energy

Letting go is an essential part of spiritual growth. As denser energy is released, a person can ascend, because then they are lighter. When they release emotions and beliefs that are weighing them down, a balance can be created, as old energy is replaced by finer and lighter aspects of the Light Body.

By default, higher energy is naturally balanced. The same way that a hot air balloon is kept on the ground by weights, the outdated aspects of an individual can keep them anchored, when they wish to move forward, making it difficult to forge ahead on their spiritual path. Read more ›

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My Way Around

How do you spiral from street musician, an island in Belize, tragedy in Mexico to spiritual channel, luminary, and author? Enjoy the adventures, challenges, lessons and incredible experiences of Wendy's spiraling journey to the successful, happy and healthy place she is today.