Letting Go of Old Energy

Letting go is an essential part of spiritual growth. As denser energy is released, a person can ascend, because then they are lighter. When they release emotions and beliefs that are weighing them down, a balance can be created, as old energy is replaced by finer and lighter aspects of the Light Body.

By default, higher energy is naturally balanced. The same way that a hot air balloon is kept on the ground by weights, the outdated aspects of an individual can keep them anchored, when they wish to move forward, making it difficult to forge ahead on their spiritual path.

The tricky part of letting go, is becoming aware of specifically what should be released. Sometimes, what is no longer relevant, is obvious and other times, it remains buried, deeply nestled under layers of consciousness. However, when you begin to release what is evident, very often the more obscure things naturally, and automatically, are able to find their way to the surface, where they can be released more easily.

In order to be an authentic person, it is necessary to define what rings true for you. Notions of yourself should be tailor-made, not off the rack versions of your essential being. As you continue on your life’s journey, each direction you choose is influenced by how much self-confidence and self-love you embrace. Although there is no Google Maps for your spiritual path, luckily there is a system of guidance that can help you along the way.

Allowing feelings to be the barometer of which beliefs to keep and which to let go, is the surest way to sort out what is currently relevant to your life. The greatest barriers to examining the true nature of yourself are social customs and traditions, based on false premises and outdated realities. In addition, the desire to please others may often supersede the ability to follow one’s own path. In any interaction between two or more people, it is essential that everyone receives the highest degree of consideration possible, under the circumstances. It does no good to sacrifice for another, or even be the sacrificee, to coin a word.


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