A Mystical. Modern Myth


Does Atlantis still exist in an alternate reality or a simultaneously occuring dimension?

Discover the exciting world of Zi’antha, an Atlantean avatar, whose father is stranded, with his crew, an another dimension. Ziantha is determined to save her father. but when the moral fiber in Atlantis began to thin, she found her task was greater–that of Saving Atlantis.
There appeared to be no hope or was there. Could a woman from New Jersey be the saving grace of Atlantis? Time was running short, Atlantis was near the end, but was there a chance of Saving Atlantis?

SAVING ATLANTIS: A Mystical, Modern Myth

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My Way Around

How do you spiral from street musician, an island in Belize, tragedy in Mexico to spiritual channel, luminary, and author? Enjoy the adventures, challenges, lessons and incredible experiences of Wendy's spiraling journey to the successful, happy and healthy place she is today.
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